How to prepare for an inspection

Rental inspections are inherently stressful. There is an abundance of cleaning followed by an overwhelming worry that the landlord might find something wrong with the rental. Rental inspections can even be stressful for the landlord. However, renters and landlords alike need to think about rental inspections in a different light. Rather than being a pain, these inspections can prove to be an invaluable opportunity. Renters can raise concerns and receive validation for looking after their rental. Whereas landlords are afforded the opportunity to check on the condition and upkeep of their property. Realising the benefits of inspections can remove stress from the equation.

When thinking about preparing a property for a rental inspection, a great place to start is the original property condition report. That way, renters know the condition that their landlord will be expecting the property to be in. This property report can also help landlords prepare for what to expect from their property during the inspection.

Preparing for inspections can be seamless when you’re proactive. If renters notice a problem, speak up. This could mean informing the landlord if the maintenance issue falls under their domain or fixing the issue themselves. This means that come inspection time, there are no surprises.

Landlords expect their properties to be clean and the best way to prepare to meet this expectation is by actually cleaning. Landlords will particularly look at the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathroom whilst also checking on the condition of the carpets and garden. Therefore, before the inspection, clean these areas with a thorough hand. This will ensure that tenants have done the right thing, helping landlords give them a pass for the inspection.

Once it is clear what is expected of tenants and landlords during the inspection process, there is no reason to stress, as each party knows their roles.

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